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Writing Competition

19.05.20 and 26.05.20

Hello Year One! 


Apologies for being so slow to upload the writing competition details, but as they say better late than never!  laugh


The writing poster (which can bee seen above) provides you with the information on the entry details. You have two weeks to complete your stories before the deadline of Friday 29th May.  In order to think about your story you might like to follow the same process that you used for your 'What if?' writing. If you haven't been to that folder before then you need to look in 'Week 7- 05.05.20'. 


Remember to take your time and to be as creative as you like. I look forward to receiving your entries via the following email:


The Prizes are as follows: 


  • £5 Smyths Toys vouchers for 2nd and 3rd Place 
  • A £10 Smyths Toy voucher for the winning entry! 


Good luck and most importantly have fun! laugh

Starting Ideas for your Stories. 


As you have been practising your story writing skills over the last couple of weeks, I am hoping that you may now be familiar with the elements that you need to include when creating a story from scratch. However, if you would like a reminder or have not yet completed the 'Week 7' Literacy task you may want to visit this folder in order to follow the comprehensive steps to writing a story (the link for this page can be found below). You can still us the 'What if?' principles in order to generate some starting ideas for your story and I have also provided some ideas below to help provoke some inspiration. smiley


Over the Rainbow 

  • Why is your rainbow special? 
  • Will it take you somewhere or do you need to try and find the end of it? 
  • What does the rainbow look like? 
  • Where did you find it? 
  • What will happen to you or your character when they see or touch the rainbow?
  • Is there anything at the bottom of the rainbow?
  • What was the journey like to get to the rainbow? Did you travel through somewhere special? Can you describe what you saw on the way? Did you meet anyone on the way? 
  • Will the rainbow help someone to solve a problem? 



  • What is your superhero like?
  • Do they have a special power? 
  • Where did they get this power from? 
  • Who does your superhero help? 
  • Where do they come from? 
  • Are they always a superhero or do they have to be in disguise until they are needed? 
  • Do they have any friends who help them on their adventures?