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Tuesday 7th July. 

For your Science lesson today, I would like you to have a go at completing the BBC Bitesize Science lesson on Ocean Habitats and to make a scientific poster on your favourite sea animal. Please provide:

  • The name of the animal 
  • A picture of the animal 
  • Labels to provide detail about each of it's body parts 
  • The animal group that it belongs to 
  • The food group that it belongs to 
  • Where it is found in the world 
  • Why it is your favourite sea animal 


Please use Discovery Education, DK Find OUt and Kiddle to help you to research your facts. 

Friday 10th July

For today's lesson I would like you to re-cap your knowledge of Materials and their properties by following the attached BBC Bitesize lesson. To help you with the properties activity I have also attached the sheets we use in our Science lessons.