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From Monday 27th April the Government will be releasing an approved 12 week programme designed to help children with their learning of Phonics (Letters and Sounds) skills . Phonics is part of the statutory requirements for Year 1 and refers to the knowledge pupils need in order to successfully and confidently read and write. 


At Lilleshall Primary School we have daily Phonics lessons in which the children receive structured lessons on a specific daily sound. Your son/daughter should remember that: 


  • Phonemes are the sounds that the letters make. 
  • Graphemes are the letters or group of letters that we use to write down these sounds. 
  • Digraphs are two letters that make one sound.e.g. /ai/. 
  • Trigraphs are three letters that make one sound e.g. /igh/.


When we blend the sounds together to say the words, I often ask the children to use their "Phonics arms". This is where they tap their arms as they say each individual sound and then go back to the top to swipe down their arm whilst blending. If you ask your son/daughter to demonstrate this hopefully they will remember. If they prefer not to use their 'Phonics arm' at home then that is not a problem. smiley


Below is the introductory video for the online daily Phonics lessons and the link that you will need to access the channel. 


If you have any queries or need further clarification on any of the lessons please do not hesitate to contact me at 


Happy learning everyone. laugh

Handy guide to our online Phonics lessons

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