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Lilleshall Primary School

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At Lilleshall Primary School our published admission number is 214. This is made up of one Foundation Stage Class of 30 pupils, two Key Stage 1 classes with 30 pupils in each and four Key Stage 2 classes with 31 pupils in each.


We follow the Telford & Wrekin Local Authority selection processes, please see below. If we are oversubscribed, parents have a right to appeal through Telford & Wrekin.


Please visit for more information.

In Year Application

This form should be used if:

  1. you have moved or are planning to move, into the Telford & Wrekin area and wish to apply for a school for your children
  2. you are planning to move from Telford & Wrekin into another local authority’s
    area. We shall co-ordinate your request with that Local Authority.
  3. you have moved within the Telford & Wrekin area and wish to find different schools for your child(ren)
  4. you are not moving house but still wish to move your child(ren) to another school.
    If your child is due to start primary (Reception), junior (year 3) or secondary (year 7) school in September, you should contact us for the relevant form.


What you need to do

Please complete an In-Year Application form for each child. Before you fill out the form we suggest you find out more about the schools by looking at their websites and/or visiting schools. You can also contact Family Connect on 01952 385385.


You are allowed to put preferences for up to 3 schools or academies. If you want to apply for schools in other authorities, such as Shropshire or Staffordshire or further afield, these should be induded on your Telford form. Details of your application will then be forwarded to the appropriate Local Authority. You don’t have to complete a form for another Local Authority.


Please note that applications to Thomas Telford School should not be included on this form. To apply for a place at Thomas Telford you will need to complete a separate application form obtained direct from the school.


The order of the preferences that you put on your form is very important. We will always offer you the highest possible preference, so you should put your true preference first. If we can’t offer a place at your first preference school we will move on to look at the second preference and so on. Places will be allocated according to the published admission criteria for individual schools. If your application is for a faith school or a grammar school you may also be asked to provide other information so that your application can be considered.


You should also consider how you will get your child to and from school. There is more detailed information on home to school transport available on the council’s website. However, you should note that Telford & Wrekin council only provided support for eligible pupils to travel to their designated (or catchment) area school in particular sets of circumstances. If your preference is for a school other than your nearest or catchment area school you are likely to be responsible for getting your child(ren) to and from school.


Details of the child’s home address are particularly important and if you are moving house you are likely to be asked to prove your new address, for example by providing evidence of exchange of contracts or a valid rental agreement. The information that you put on the application form will be checked by the Local Authority. Any place offered may be withdrawn if your application is found to be fraudulent or intentionally misleading.
If two parents cannot agree on which school(s) to put on the form they should seek legal advice and if necessary, an appropriate court order before submitting one form.


The form should be completed by the parent with whom the child is living.
The Process
Telford & Wrekin Admissions Team will contact parents with the outcome of their application within 15 days of receiving the application wherever possible.
Parents will be expected to respond to any offer of a school place made within 10 days.
Where a place has been offered at a Telford & Wrekin School or Academy we would expect it to be taken up within 6 weeks of the offer being made and accepted, otherwise the offer will be withdrawn.
Where places cannot be offered parents will be given information about the relevant appeals process. Telford & Wrekin Council operates a waiting list system for all oversubscribed community or voluntary controlled schools. These will be operated according to the rules laid down in the School Admissions Code and will be kept in order of the admissions criteria and not on other considerations such as the date on which the application was received.
For more information please look at the council website

Starting School

Please see the attached poster regarding starting school in September 2021.

Please see the above letter for details about applying for a secondary school place for September 2021.  Further details can be found at