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Specific Needs and Agencies

SEND Procedures

Those children with ongoing concerns may be referred to the appropriate agency with the permission of parents. Where children have additional needs they will be supported in accessing the full curriculum.


Specific needs may include:-

  • Speech and Language difficulties or delay
  • Autistic Spectrum needs
  • Physical needs
  • Medical condition
  • ADHD
  • Specific literacy difficulties affecting reading, writing and maths


We use a number of additional indicators to identify additional needs -

  • The analysis data including the Foundation Stage Profile, SATs, reading ages, termly pupil assessments and progress tracking grids.
  • Parental concerns / information
  • Information from previous schools
  • Information from other services e.g. Health, Speech and Language, Occupational Therapists


If a child is not making expected progress the class teacher may consult with the SENCO and parents to decide if different / additional provision is necessary.


A pupil passport, outlining additional support or resources, may be written. The child will then be identified on the school's SEND

register so interventions and support can be monitored.


The pupil passport will include -

  • the provision to be put into place, frequency and staffing
  • when the plan will be reviewed
  • the teaching strategies / resources to be used


The pupil passport will be reviewed three times a year and outcomes will be recorded. Pupils and parents are involved in the process.


Specific Agency Support

  • Learning Support Advisory Teacher (LSAT) - school buys in sessions

  • Speech and Language Therapists

  • Occupational Therapists

  • Behaviour Support Staff and Inclusion Mentors - school buys in sessions

  • School Nurse


  • Educational Psychologist - school buys in sessions