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For maths I would like you to watch the video on adding equal groups and then complete the worksheet below. I have put the answer sheet on too so you can go through your work with your parents.

For English I would like to you do a piece of writing about your favourite Christmas present. You can draw your favourite present then write about it underneath. I would like you to use adjectives to describe your present and I would like you to use the conjunction 'because' to explain why it is your favourite present. You can also write about how you feel when you are playing with your present and what you can do with it. You can then send your pieces of work to me and I will respond to them. I look forward to hearing all about your favourite present.

As our topic this term is Bears, Bears Everywhere I would like you to draw a picture of Winnie-The-Pooh there is a link below for a masterclass from a Disney Animator. When you have drawn your picture you can either colour it in or paint it. We are going to paint ours at school.

Movement Break

I have attached a link to 'Andy's Wild Workouts' (episode 10) to help you to integrate some physical activity/movement into your daily home learning routine. If you enjoyed this session then you might like to explore the other videos that are available on the same page.