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This week we will be focusing on broadening our Pirate vocabulary and creating our very own Pirates for a wanted poster. 

Monday - Lesson 1
Today we will start Literacy by practising our handwriting skills for the letter 'm'. After this we are going to have a class led discussion about the words we associate with Pirates. Miss R-S is going to ask us to collect these words in the Pirate 'Word Nets' so that we can use them in the following lessons. Below you will find the sheet for handwriting and the 'Word Nets'. 


In both 'Nets' you can write one word in each gap and 10 words around the outside between the hooks. Choose the sheet (from the options below) that you can comfortably write within. 

Tuesday- Lesson 2
Today we will be looking at creating a character profile on a Pirate. Can you create one for Captain Hook? 


You will need: 

  • A picture of Captain Hook
  • Lined paper
  • Glue 
  • A pencil


When writing your character profile remember to use your 'fabulous Phonics' skills to sound out your words and to also use interesting adjectives (describing words) to add details to your sentences. 


Please visit 'Week 5' Literacy page for a refresher on possible sentence starters you could use and/or have a look at the character profile example below. 


Bonus Sentences

Miss R-S challenges you to extend your sentences using the conjunction 'and'. For example you might write ' He has long jet black hair and he has a thin black moustache'. 

Wednesday - Lesson 3

For today's lesson you will need: 

  • A blank piece of paper
  • A pencil
  • Colouring pencils or paints 
  • Your creative brain!


Now that you have started thinking like a Pirate, Miss R-S would like to challenge you to create your very own character. Before you draw your Pirate take your time to think about: 


  • whether they will be a boy or a girl 
  • the size and shape they will be 
  • how their hair might look like - will they have a hat or bandanna on? 
  • what their facial expression will be like 
  • the type of clothes that they will wear 
  • whether they have any tattoos or special additions (such as a hook) 
  • the type of pirate they will be (good, bad, sneaky, cheeky, scary)


You may also want to research other pictures of story pirates/ cartoon pirates to give you some inspiration. Please remember to take your time to draw the outline and details of your pirate before you add colour to the picture. 


Most importantly don't forget to give them a super Piratey name! I look forward to seeing your creations. laugh

Thursday - Lesson 4

For today's home lesson I would like to challenge you to complete an 'adventure profile' on one or a couple of the Pirates from the below PDF. 

The difference between this profile and the one you created yesterday is that you are not focusing on what you can see, but using your imagination to create a background about them. I have attached an example for you to look at. 


If you can it would be great for you to print off the picture for the Pirate you are creating the 'adventure profile' for, so that you can stick it on your page or alternatively you could draw your own version of him/her. 


* Remember to use your Phonics mat to sound out your words and to use your best handwriting skills. smiley


Bonus Task 

If you find yourself with some extra time, why don't you create a short story about your pirate(s).