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Additional Activities

Additional Learning Activities. 


This mind-map is for your son/daughter to write down all of the facts that they already know about animals and/or humans. Please prompt them to write down their own thoughts (or you can scribe for them) by asking simple questions such as "Can you tell me any animal names?", "Do you know anything about animals?", "Can you tell me anything about the human body? What do you know?". Some children may struggle to think of answers (which is expected at the start of a topic), so please don't worry if they can't think of many facts/ do not know what to write.   

*We always ask the children to write down what they already know before starting a new topic, so that when we get to the end of the term they can fill in what they have learnt along the way. It is always good for them to share and think about what they already know so that we can build their knowledge from their current understanding. It also helps us to tailor our lessons towards any gaps and particular areas of interest.  


Please follow the provided link to a learning page with a focused task on ' The 7 Continents'. We have not yet introduced this song in class and any repetition will be helpful in learning facts about each of the continents.