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Science contributes to the development of enquiring minds which have the ability to question, test, evaluate and apply knowledge and understanding of the world around them.


It develops personal qualities that prepare children for adult life such as the acquisition and development of scientific language, the application of number skills, the use of ICT, the development of personal and social skills from working independently and collaboratively. Science offers children the opportunity to appreciate and understand the world. When children are studying, teachers should foster their enjoyment of exploration, manipulation, comparison, argument and testing.


Science is taught from a scheme that ensures a full coverage of the National curriculum and also ensures a correct level of challenge and progression for the children. There is an emphasis on learning through investigations and through the children’s natural enquiries about the world around them.


Through active enquiry, the children learn scientific concepts and plan scientific investigations, gradually learning the how to conduct a “fair test”. They also learn to record the findings of their investigations in a variety of ways.

Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Development
At Lilleshall Primary School we want all children to be encouraged to develop their Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural awareness through each Curriculum. For more information see the appropriate PDF document on the below page: