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At Lilleshall Primary School, we believe that Literacy and communication are key life skills and that through the English curriculum, using cross-curricular links where appropriate, we should help children to develop the skills, knowledge and thinking skills that will enable them to communicate effectively and creatively with the world at large



This is probably one of the most important skills that a child will learn. It is not only a source of pleasure in itself, but also a primary means of obtaining information. Parents are encouraged to help their children by listening to them read and discussing the texts that are read. All pupils engaged in Guided Reading sessions which exposes them to more challenging reading material in order for them to progress with fluency, comprehension and independent reading skills. Our children are given opportunities during the school day for quiet reading and to listen to others read e.g. paired reading or reading from adults. Children are also encouraged to take books home.  Lilleshall Primary School reading is taught through a systematic synthetic phonics approach based on Letters and Sounds.  At Key Stage 1 we use a range of reading schemes to meet the needs of our pupils and provide engaging texts to develop a love of learning.  These include Rising Stars Reading Planet,  Big Cats by Collins and Bug Club by Pearsons.



Writing is an essential means of communication, used by children as a way of clarifying their thoughts and as a method of recording their opinions and ideas. Various types of writing are introduced to the children, enabling them to select the most appropriate for the task in hand. We also stress the importance of good spelling, sound grammatical structure, neat handwriting and quality presentation, and all children follow the school policy in these areas. We encourage children to be confident in all genres of writing and to produce work that is engaging for their target audience. We make use of the Primary National Strategy to teach the skills of reading and writing.



We use the Letters and Sounds programme which is a systematic approach to phonics, covering the teaching of reading, writing, spelling words. Letters and Sounds is taught throughout Key Stage One and also in Key Stage Two where targeted intervention for phonics is needed.


Speaking and Listening Skills

Speaking and Listening is at the heart of our learning approach at Lilleshall School. Children are encouraged to speak with confidence and in a wide range of contexts, adapting their speech as appropriate. Talking enables children to clarify their understanding. Listening skills are equally vital allowing children to understand and respond appropriately to others, identifying key features of language used for a specific purpose e.g. to persuade, to instruct etc.

Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Development
At Lilleshall Primary School we want all children to be encouraged to develop their Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural awareness through each Curriculum. For more information see the appropriate PDF document on the below page: