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Week 5 - 21.04.20

The Human Body


As part of the topic 'Animals including Humans' we need to explore what makes us who we are. This week Miss R-S would like you to look at the structure of the human body. Can you name the main body parts and identify which part of the body is associated with each sense? Use the provided resources to learn new facts and to understand why it is important to keep our bodies healthy. 

Head Shoulders Knees & Toes

Activity 1

Can you keep up with the video? What body parts do they sing about? Can you create your own version? 

Activity 2

Have a look at the below PowerPoint about the human body. Share with an adult what you already know about the body before you begin. Do you know why we need to keep ourselves healthy? 

Activity 3

Can you complete the body word search and cross word? 


Extension task: Can you write the function (the job) that each of the body parts has? 

Activity 4

Can you label the human body? Have a go at completing this activity independently by sounding out the words. If you are finding it a little tricky you can always ask an adult to help. 


The following activities can be done as bonus activities to add a little cross-curricular element.