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Lilleshall Primary School

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Early Years

In the Summer term before children start school parents are invited to a talk by the Head teacher and EYFS teachers, children visit the classroom and then spend a morning or afternoon in the classroom with their teachers. In September the Reception children spend the first 2 weeks building up from half days to full days.

Pupils with additional needs who join our school either at the beginning of the year or during the academic year will be supported as appropriate so that a successful transition is achieved. Liaison with the child's previous setting is made to ensure that their needs are met effectively, when appropriate the EYFS teacher will visit the pupil in their pre-school setting to observe behaviour and gain a greater understanding of their needs.


KS1 and KS2

  • Staff meet and share information prior to transition.
  • All children have a whole day in their class for September in July prior to moving to their next class. Reception and KS1 move to their new classes every Friday afternoon during the second half of the Summer term to share a story and answer any questions they may have.


Transfer to Secondary School

  • Staff from Secondary schools visit school and meet children in their year 6 class and speak to the year 6 teacher.
  • Extended transition sessions can be arranged to ensure a successful transition. 
  • An Early Intervention Worker is employed by the Newport Cluster schools and works across the schools enabling pupils to have a familiar face in secondary school should they transfer to Burton Borough School.