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Lilleshall Primary School

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The School Curriculum

Lilleshall Primary School follows the National Curriculum for Key Stages One and Two (Click here to see the National Curriculum that Lilleshall follows). In the Foundation Stage we follow the Foundation Stage Curriculum. We have a broad and appropriately challenging curriculum as we feel that this is key in promoting and sustaining our high achievement. We recognise and value educational experiences outside the classroom and know that this leads to higher achievement, motivation and personal development of pupils. There are regular educational visits to a range of locations such as museums, galleries, theatres and outdoor activity centres. Every opportunity is taken to link new experiences to the pupils learning in order to embed the experiences fully in the curriculum and bring learning to life. Speaking and Listening and Dance and Drama are also harnessed to bring the curriculum to life. Ofsted 2013 stated that:


Leaders have linked subjects together exceptionally well to provide excellent opportunities for pupils to use and practise their reading, writing and mathematical skills in different contexts. There is a huge range of extra clubs and activities, including cooking, sports, choirs and learning

 SEND Provision

We work hard to ensure that our curriculum is accessible to all pupils including those with special educational needs and disabilities. Please go to Key Information and SEND to find out more. You are welcome to contact the school to discuss our provision and the needs of your child with Mrs Cousins (Headteacher) or Mrs Savill (SENCo).


The curriculum and other activities were rated as exceptionally and consistently high by Ofsted in meeting the range of needs and interests of learners at LilleshalI School. They were graded outstanding."


Quotes from our pupils:

"What a phenomenal year it has been making our

learning fly. Here are some of the highlights of the year:

having a hot air balloon and helicopter land near to our

classroom, being so successful at tag rugby and making

so much progress in literacy. We have been on some

wonderful trips like Jack Field Museum".


"This year has been fantastic’ I have had once in a life

time opportunities, one of which was meeting and

cycling with the GB cycling Coach Craig Ansell.

I have learnt a lot as well such as the chunking method and also

how to add decimals. Raising money for sports relief was fun too”.


“I have really enjoyed Year 5, It has to be the best year yetl

I have reached goals I thought I could never reach, like

calculating ratio in Maths”.



Lilleshall Primary School – Statement of Intent, Implementation and Impact


We aim to develop motivated pupils who are able to learn for themselves with a skills base to support this, enabling them to positively respond to challenges. This will be achieved by providing:

  • First hand experiences to enhance the context by which children access and consolidate knowledge

  • Longer periods of time to learn in depth and allow for spaced repetition for overlearning

  • Opportunities for cross-curricular learning which are harnessed to develop children’s working memory through grouping together skills and knowledge (chunking)



To ensure effective delivery of the curriculum, the statutory requirements for each subject within a key stage are identified and cross-curricular links are harnessed to provide cohesion within units of learning. This is outlined in our curriculum maps. Progression is achieved by identifying the skills and knowledge that children need over time; these are outlined in our progression grids for each subject which contain carefully chosen components crucial for subsequent learning and where key areas for overlearning are highlighted. These elements are delivered through well taught and appropriately sequenced lessons and thoughtfully designed assessments. This provides what we as a school want pupils to know and be able to do by the time that they leave Lilleshall Primary School.



School evaluates how well our children are learning the content outlined in the curriculum through:

  • School progress data which is analysed by SLT, middle and subject leaders and class teachers

  • Book scrutiny

  • Lesson observation

  • Pupil/parent voice

The curriculum that we offer is broad and balanced and aims to not overload pupils with information but enables them to know more and remember more through connecting to prior learning. The impact of the curriculum is that children are well-motivated and engaged in their education with a growing knowledge base which prepares them for effective transition for their next stage in learning and equips them for life.



The curriculum is continuously under review to ensure we provide the best offer for our children and planning grids will updated as they are developed.

More information regarding the curriculum can be obtained through school and at our open evenings where we share our approaches to different curriculum areas. If you wish to find out more about our curriculum offer and approaches please contact school to arrange a convenient time.