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Educational Visits

Year One and Two visit to Fordhall Farm 11.2.2020

RAF Cosford Year 2

Chester Zoo Year Two

Bears Exhibition Shrewsbury Art Gallery and Museum

Stafford Castle Year Two

Years 1 and 2 Lilleshall Church Visit

Thursday 18th October - Year 3/4 trip to West Midlands Safari Park

Thursday 11th October - Year 3's visit to Chetwynd Deer Park

Years 1and 2 Trip to Llandudno June 2018

Tuesday, 24th January 2017
Year 4 Visit to Veolia Materials Recovery Facility


Veolia Collage


Today we were fortunate enough to visit the ‘Veolia Materials Recovery Facility’ in Staffordshire. The children learned about the 4 R’s - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Recover whilst they had a tour around the recovery and recycling plants. It was amazing to see how our household waste is used to make 

Following the visit, the tour guide took the time to email school to say... ‘it was an absolute pleasure having your school visit our facilities this morning. What wonderful ambassadors for your school the children were, they were so well   behaved you should be very proud of them.’ 
Well done Year 4!



Tuesday, 10th January 2017
London Natural History Museum


London Natural History Museum Collage


To learn more about our topic Extreme Earth (volcanoes, tornadoes, tsunamis and earthquakes) we visited the London Natural History Museum. We experienced an earthquake simulator, and some of children took part in a Volcano workshop and learnt an incredible amount of information. We also came face to face with a roaring Tyrannosaurus Rex (only robotic, thank goodness!). It was a fantastic trip, the children were very well behaved, a credit to Lilleshall Primary School. We had a lovely journey thanks to our fabulous coach driver, and enjoyed our jam butties and crisps on the way home!
Parent Feedback
"Thank you Helen and all of the staff for making some great memories for our babies...."
"Thanks to all you wonderful staff for making a fab day for our youngsters"
"Thank you to all involved for looking after our children today...."
"Yet again my boy has has a fabulous trip, thanks to all involved for taking them and looking after them"



Tuesday, 18th October.
Acton Scott


As part of our topic on Farming Years 1 and 2 visited Acton Scott Historic Working Farm. The children had a fabulous day and took part in a variety of activities helping out on the farm. These included; collecting acorns to feed the pigs, collecting eggs, making chicken crumb to feed the chickens using a kibbler, ploughing fields and building scarecrows. The children also took part in a number of activities in the woods including; bark rubbing, tree identification and creating colour palettes using leaves and plants.


Acton Scott Pictures



Monday, 17th October 

LF: To understand the history and role of our local church in the community.


On Monday 17th October, Years 3 and 4 visited Lilleshall church for a special service from Reverend Lefroy. This linked in with our RE studies about sacred places.  We learned lots of interesting facts during the service  and enjoyed looking around the church.


LF History Church Collage


Monday, 12th September 2016

The Ministry of Chocolate’s educational workshop


Today, we were very fortunate to take part in the Ministry of Chocolate’s educational workshop. We were taken on a fantastic journey where we discovered and explored this divine creation, covering:


  • The fascinating history and origins of chocolate, including the Maya and Aztecs
  • How and where cacao is grown – the cocoa harvesting process
  • Looking at, feeling and tasting real cocoa beans, pods & nibs
  • Sensory testing – using our five senses to understand chocolate
  • Chocolate and health
  • How chocolate is made
  • Fairtrade principles, including bringing the concept to life using child-friendly role play
  • A practical chocolate making session where we designed and made our very own chocolate product.


Ministry of Chocolate Collage



Year 3 and 4 visit to Cadbury World


As part of our Chocolate topic this year, the year 3 and 4 children had the opportunity to visit the wonderful Cadbury World.


As soon as we stepped off our coach, the smell of delicious chocolate made our stomachs rumble.


Firstly, we were introduced to Colin, a member of staff, who showed us models made of chocolate and shared his great wealth of knowledge about the subject of chocolate.


Next, we entered the amazing 4d cinema. It was fun! After the cinema we entered the factory  via a vast jungle where we learnt facts about cocoa beans. Later in the day, we had the chance to enjoy the Cadbury ride and finally walked through the factory where we had a delicious cup of melted dairy milk with scrumptious fillings of our choice.  Overall, we had a GREAT day and would recommend this attraction to our friends.


Cadbury World Collage



Year 6 Stratford-upon-Avon


Year 6 have visited Stratford-upon-Avon as part of our William Shakespeare topic work for the term. The purpose of the trip was to familiarise the children with Shakespeare’s birthplace. The children have been taken on a professionally guided two hour walk around the historic streets of Stratford upon Avon.  They explorered Stratford, its history, attractions and discover its fascinating relationship with William Shakespeare.  The walk included opportunities to see the Shakespeare town houses, Grammar School, Royal Shakespeare Theatres and Holy Trinity Church. Later they heard informative and interesting stories of fires, flooding, the plague, mediaeval cures, old fashioned sayings and history of the town. 


Educational Visits Feedback Form

Visit to: Stratford-on-Avon

Do you feel that the visit enhanced the children's understanding of the targeted curriculum area?

Yes. The Children learned a lot about Shakespreare and his family and also about Stratford in the times of Shakespeare.

Behaviours Observed:

Are there good attitudes and relationships?

The children were extremely well behaved, listening attentively to the guides and showing respect for both adults and other children.

Has the teacher ensured children are well prepared and well equipped?

The children knew what they were going to see and were enthusiastic about what they saw and learned

Did children settle quickly and make smooth transition between tasks?

They moved from area to area in an orderly way and were ready to listen to the guide at each stop.

How willing are the children to ask and answer questions?

They answered questions readily and showed a good knowledge of the subject. A few were also willing to question the guide.

Any other comments

The trip was extremely well planned with no detail left to chance. A very enjoyable and informative day.



Year 5 and Year 6 went to the Birmingham Art Gallery and Museum and Think Tank to support their work on Ancient Greeks.


Feedback from parents accompanying the visit was that:

•The visit supported the children’s area of study in school well and provided them with additional knowledge.
•The year 6 pupils that I worked with had a very positive, enthusiastic attitude which was lovely to see. Good manners are continually encouraged by the teachers and helpers and this was evident when the children were in the presence of gallery staff.
•The year 5 pupils behaved brilliantly and thoroughly enjoyed the visit.
•The Think Tank practical workshops were a great success and enjoyed by the pupils providing them with the chance to explore. This resulted in discussion between children and teachers as to whether ideas and methods used in the workshop could be incorporated in to other areas.
•I have been on a few educational visits now with different year groups from Lilleshall Primary School and as usual it was very well briefed and organised.