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Week 1 - 22.02.21

Home Learning resources for 08.02.21-12.02.21

Change of schedule to Wednesday and Thursday:

Music has now been allocated to Wednesday afternoon and PSHE has moved to Thursday afternoon with PE.


Please note: 

  • All lessons can now be found on the Seesaw learning platform. The printable resources that accompany these can be found below, as well as on the App. 
  • In keeping with our school routine Maths and Literacy will be delivered in 'double sessions' as outlined via the above timetable. 
  • The recommended time frames have been provided for your guidance only and as always I would highly recommended breaking the longer sessions up with movement/fresh air breaks.
  • Depending on your home learning routine you may find it easier to complete Phonics and the 'double sessions' before lunch (as highlighted by the yellow time frames) as we find that the children's concentration tends to be better within a morning. Followed by Reading and the Foundation subject in the afternoon (highlighted by the blue time frames). 
  • Extra activity links and resources will be provided in an additional folder should you wish to complete further tasks, however, these will not be included as part of the "3 hours' worth of expected daily work" as stated by the Department of Education.
  • Spellings will be uploaded as usual on a Wednesday in preparation for a spelling test on the following Tuesday. 
Weekly Spellings: