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Transition Activities

Transition Activities

To help with the transition from Year One to Year Two, please find a selection of activities below that your son/daughter can complete.These activities are aimed at focusing on the positives of the past year and what they are looking forward to in September. 

The Tale of the Cautious Caterpillar. 

This story is a great way to discuss any pre-anxieties about moving up to a new class. It allows children to talk about the feelings of Cody the Caterpillar and in turn helps them to relate to their own feelings about transitioning into a new class. 


Questions to consider:

  • How did Cody feel about becoming a butterfly? Can you think of any other words for this feeling?
  • How did she feel about flying? 
  • How did she feel about drinking nectar?
  • How did she feel about having six legs instead of sixteen? 
  • What would you say to Cody in these situations?
  • How are you feeling about starting a new class? 
  • Do you think that you have familiar feelings to the caterpillar?
  • In the story we learn that change can be good. Can you think of any changes that have been good for you? What about your transition from Year R to Year One? How did that feel?
  • How did Cody feel when she became a butterfly? 
  • What are you looking forward to next year?
  • Who can you talk to if you feel worried? 
Other useful resources: