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Lilleshall Primary School

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Week Six

Sophia has been busy working on her maths, writing stories, painting and buliding a bird house.

Ralph's vegetables have started to grow in his new vegetable garden

Jake has been busy keeping a weather diary, finding out about animals and minibeasts and writing descriptive sentences.

Ameera has been busy working on BBC Bitesize, doing her spellings and reading. She has also been painting on canvas, conducted a rainbow investigation, made a unicorn headband and lots of lovely things, including a beak and turtle out of origami.

Erin has been busy in her new hat (crocheted by mum) finding out about Mary Anning and fossils, measuring, telling the time, completing a reading comprehension, finding out about the Great Fire of London and painting a picture of a bird.

Today Flynn painted his fossils, planted cress and peas, designed a Yeti and did some alien and astronaut pictures and games.

Flynn has had another busy day making fossils, designing robots and doing some music.

Flynn has started running a marathon over the next two weeks. He has been doing maths, geography, baking cupcakes, finding the meaning of words and watching Horrible Histories.

Flynn has been busy with pirates, reading, doing maths and wordsearches. His cats watched Captain Underpants with him for wet play!