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Week Two

The Week Two TimeTable


Monday: Phonics, Double Maths and History. 


Tuesday: Phonics, Double Literacy and Music. 


Wednesday: Phonics, Double Maths and Treasure Map Work.


Thursday: Phonics, Double Literacy and PE. 


Friday: Phonics, Science, Art and Golden Time. 


* Please note we will also be practising our spellings as part of every morning's first activities and we also complete 1:1 reads every day. 


The Treasure Map Work for Wednesday afternoon has been changed to a Father's Day Card making session. Please feel free to have your own crafty session or have a look at today's BBC Bitesize lessons for an alternative option:


Lesson Resources

* As before the resources are taking some time to create/ adapt so they will be uploaded as soon as possible.Thank you for your patience and I hope you will find them useful. 


For Phonics please continue to follow the lessons from the Department of Education. The link for this can be found by clicking on the Phonics star on the homepage.