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Wednesday 13th January 



Please find this week's spellings sheet attached below. We will continue to have spelling tests in school as normal and therefore the spellings will continue to be shared on a Wednesday in preparation for the following week. If you wish to follow the same format at home, then the next spelling test should take place on the morning of Tuesday 19th January. Before asking your son/daughter to complete the test, please allow them five minutes for extra practise prior to the start of the assessment. I would love to see how they get on, so please feel free to share pictures of their work with me via Seesaw and/or email. 

Thank you as always for your continued support. 


As you have worked so hard in Phonics recently I thought you could do a shorter session today. Have a go at completing all three 'Phonics Challenge' sheets and then log on to Phonics Play to choose any Phase 5 games you would like to play at home. smiley


* The log-in details for home learning use are jan21 and the password is home. Please navigate to the 'resources' section and click on Phase 5 for Year One relevant games/activities. 

Double Maths - Session 1

Today I would like you to re-cap your 'number and place value' skills by solving Hundred Square challenges. Please start your lesson by filling in the blank Hundred Square that has been provided. Then have a look at the following BBC Bitesize page and see if you can use your Hundred Square to answer the questions:

Complete the sections found before the White Rose Maths video and then have a go at answering the following activity: 


* Copied from the above BBC Bitesize page.


After this have a go at completing the '100 Square Challenges'. The worksheets offer different levels of challenges for the children, with the 1 star task being focused on age related expectations. 

Maths Session 2

To test your knowledge of the mathematical concepts we have covered so far, please have a go at the 'Maths Fluency Challenges' for today. I do not expect you to complete all of the tasks, however, I would like you to complete the activities on pages 1,2 and 4 from the PDF. Examples of each can be found below: 


Page 1

Page 2


Page 3

PSHE - Jigsaw Jack Lesson

Today's Jigsaw Jack lesson can be found on Seesaw. The required resource sheet for today's session can be found below. Please contact Miss R-S if you are struggling to access your son/daughters Seesaw account.