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Week 7 - 05.05.20


This week in Science I would like you to explore the resources on Discovery Espresso about plants and flowers. For now please avoid looking at the tree resources as this will be a focus of another week. 


Bonus Task 

Once you have explored the different resources, Miss R-S would like to challenge you by asking you to draw a plant in your garden. As this is a Science lesson you will need to complete an observational drawing as opposed to a 'normal' drawing. 


An observational drawing does not include colour and focuses on the details that you can see. Therefore it is really important to look carefully at how many leaves or petals it has and also the shapes of the different parts of the plant. 


Top Tip: Keep looking back at your plant as you draw it and choose a plant that is not too complicated. 


Remember that Miss R-S likes it when she doesn't need to use her magnifying glass to see your drawing, so make sure you use the whole page. laugh

How to do an observational drawing of a flower for kids

* Please remember to use a pencil when drawing.