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Everyone should complete their flashback then work through the first page of the main activity; if you feel confident you can move onto the second page of the main activity. If you want a challenge, move onto the problem solving and reasoning and try the True or False question. All of the answers are there for you to check your work once you have had a go yourselves. Remember, you can watch the video for each day as many times as you wish and use the video content to support you with the different question types.



Today in English I would like you create a new character for the story of Telephone Ted.

To start the lesson read through the story of Telephone Ted again. I have attached it below.


When you have read the story I want you to think about a new character who could phone Ted; it could be a shop keeper, a football coach, a dance teacher, anyone you want. When you have thought of a character I would like you to draw a picture of them and then write what they say to Ted and what Ted answers back. I have put an example of my character Tom from the Toy Shop up for you to look at so you know just what to do.


I look forward to seeing who you add to the story.



 In today's lesson Mr Sheppard would like you to find out about the continent of South America.

Begin the lesson by revising the World Continents and Oceans see the song below:


After that Mr Sheppard would like you to read through the below PDF to explore and learn some facts about this area of the world. When you have read the sheet answer the questions at the bottom to show what you have learnt about South America.


When you have finished the questions watch the Go-Jetters Amazon Rainforest clip. Go to: