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Monday 11th January.


For today's Phonics lesson I would like you to re-cap the trigraph /ear/. Click on the following link from Discovery Espresso and select the button that has today's sound -/ear/


When you have finished watching this video please click on the button to the left hand side of the page called 'activities'. Scroll down to the third blue box where you will find an activity titled 'Find the ear words'. Select this and have a go at completing the challenge. 


*Remember to use your 'Phonics arms' to sound out and blend your words. Can you put any of the /ear/ words into a verbal sentence for your adult?


After this, please complete the attached worksheet titled 'Colouring nonsense and real /ear/ words'. Top tip: If you are unable to put the word into a sentence it is probably an alien/nonsense word. 


On Wednesday we will be starting a new concept, so before we move on I would like you to continue to re-cap your current Subtraction skills. Please refer to a previous learning page by clicking on the link below. 


Complete activity 1 or 2 for your starter task and then move on to activities 3 and 4. There are two levels for each activity so that you can choose the one that best suits your son/daughter. 


Please do not hesitate to contact me should you need further support or have any queries. 



Please can I ask that you complete your usual amount of home reading with your son/daughter. I am aware that some of you have not had any new reading books since before the holidays, so please contact me if you would like a selection of new reading materials to be arranged. 


The Oxford Owl website has a free eBook library available. To access these eBooks you will need to register for a free account.


This music lesson has been provided by TACT (The Arts Centre Telford) and is from their previous 'Home Learning Workbook'. Today I would like you to complete 'Musical Mission 1: Stories Through Song'.


*I have attached the required lesson videos below as the links were being temperamental when attempting to open them from the workbook pages. Please ensure you only share the first two videos with your son/daughter after they have listened to the pieces of music. 

Link 1 from the worksheet.

Link 2 from the worksheet.

Sergei Prokofiev: Peter and the Wolf. Vancouver Symphony Orchestra.