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Week 8 - 12.05.20

Basic Structures of Plants

This week we are going to follow on from looking at the Discovery Espresso resources by focusing on the basic structures of plants. Have a go at following the resources below and completing the challenge at the bottom of the page.

Main Activity 

Use the link below to access the BBC Bitesize Lesson on the 'Basic Parts of Plants'. Can you write a fact for each part of the plant? Alternatively, you could draw your own pictures to remind you about what each plant part does. 

Other Activities : 


Below you can find activity sheets that your son/daughter can complete independently. They are on:

  • Labelling the parts of a flowering plant. 
  • Sequencing the growth of a fruit plant. 
  • Putting together a flower.
  • Creating a foldable plant (which you can also colour in). 
  • A one page quiz on flowers.