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Tuesday 12th January


Firstly I would like to apologise with the issues with yesterday's links. I had noticed the error in the morning and corrected it on the webpage, however, it transpires that these changes did not save on the website. Moving forward I hope to provide 'video lessons' on Seesaw for our morning Phonics, but for today please can you follow the below format:


  1. Watch the video from Mr. Thorne - Can you tell your adult the sound that we are focusing on today? See if you can learn some new words from Geraldine the Giraffe.
  2. See if you can spot any items around your house that have the /air/ sound in. Can you make a list of these. If you are using Seesaw you could even send me a voice recording of you sounding out. 
  3. Have a go at sounding out and blending the selection of alien and real word flashcards. 
  4. Complete today's trigraph activity. Read through the text and circle/shade any words that have the /air/ trigraph in them. How many can you find? 
  5. For an extension - can you put any of the words that you have found into your own independent sentences? 

*Parents please ask your son/daughter whether they know what a trigraph is? They should hopefully say 'it's three letters that make one sound'. It would be great if you could also remind them that sometimes the /y/ letter makes an /ee/ sound at the end of words, such as happy, funny etc. 

Double Literacy

For this session you will need: 

  • A writing pencil
  • Two colouring pencils 
  • Lined paper (or you can use the template on Seesaw)
  • The resource sheet (found below or on Seesaw)


To start today's lesson please complete your handwriting practise of the letter b. As of next week I will be uploading an example video on Seesaw to go with the handwriting sessions. The required writing sheet can be found below. 


After this I recommend taking a short movement break and what better way to do this than a new Super Mover video! 

*This is a new one for the class, so you may like to play it twice. smiley


Following your break, I would like you to explore today's learning PowerPoint (which has been attached as a PDF or can be found on Seesaw).

Remember to use your: 

  • Finger spaces 
  • Capital letters at the start of sentences 
  • Full stops at the end of sentences
  • Phonics to sound out and spell words you do not know
  • Write a line, miss a line technique 


Please start the lesson with the Continents song: 

"Continents and Oceans" by"Continents and Oceans" (See below for lyrics)Traverse across "Continents and Oceans" and learn a little about each in this smoo...

Today's Geography focus is on the continent of Asia. Use the below PDF to explore and learn about this new area of the world. 

At the end of the lesson I would like you to list your three favourite facts to bring to our first class catch up over 'Microsoft Teams' (details of this will be shared in due course).  


*You may wish to split the session in to two depending on your son/daughter's focus.