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Week 8 - 12.05.20

Year One Writing Competition.


This week Miss R-S will be launching the Year One writing competition. Keep checking this page to see if it has been updated with the competition details and the potential prizes you could win....! *Apologies to those of you who have been waiting so patiently for the writing competition details to be uploaded. They are now available in a separate folder on the Literacy page* 


Meanwhile, if you would like some Literacy to be working on, it might be a great idea to practise your handwriting (using the sheets in the handwriting folder) or you could have a go at completing some of  this week's BBC Bitesize tasks. 


Learning about the rainforest:

Extension task: Can you write a postcard to someone about being in the rainforest? Try to use all of your sentences to explain what it is like to be there and how you feel.


Joining words in sentences: