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Mini Project

Under The Sea - Mini Project

The Details

Last week (in your second Science lesson) Miss R-S asked you to complete a scientific poster on your favourite sea animal. Following on from this, she would now like you to complete a mini-project on one of the 5 Oceans. 


The 5 Oceans are: 

  • The Atlantic 
  • The Pacific 
  • The Indian 
  • The Southern 
  • The Arctic 


For your project you need to complete an information booklet/leaflet or an information board on your chosen Ocean. The details you must include are the following: 


  • The name of the Ocean 
  • How big it is 
  • Some of the countries that are near/in the Ocean 
  • The type of habitats it contains
  • Any interesting facts about the Ocean area
  • A list of some of the wildlife that can be found here


*Whilst writing about the wildlife, Miss R-S would also like you to a create a more detailed section about three of the most interesting animals you find whilst completing your research. 


When creating your leaflet/booklet/poster please remember to include:

  • A title 
  • Subtitles
  • A 'Did you know?' section 
  • Pictures 
  • Diagrams 
  • Drawings 
  • Bullet Points for facts
  • A map


Have fun and enjoy learning about one of the 5 Oceans! laugh


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