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Susie Grindey

Susie Grindey


Your Art challenge this week is to create your own copy/version of your favourite Susie Grindey piece. If you have not yet looked at her work, please explore the link below to choose one that catches your eye. 


Discuss with your adult the shapes that you will need and what is in the painting. You could decide to have a go at copying the whole picture or you could choose smaller elements to focus on. Remember to sketch the image first before starting to add colours and texture.


Have fun and I look forward to seeing your creations! laugh


*See if you can include different textures in your work such as fabrics, different papers, bright colours and other craft objects. 


This week's Art focus is to research the artist Susie Grindey and to create either a fact file or poster about her. These are some questions to prompt your research: 

  • Where is she from? 
  • What type of artwork does she create?
  • Where does she get her ideas from?
  • What are her favourite pieces to create? 
  • How does she create her artwork?