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Week 9 - 19.05.20

Learning about Quarters

This week we will be focusing on "recognising, finding and naming a quarter as one of four equal parts of an object, shape or quantity" and practising how to apply this new knowledge to some problem solving activities. As with halves, we need the children to understand that although we can cut something into four equal parts we can also find quarters of mathematical quantities.


I have decided to upload some Maths resources on 3D shapes in to a folder for next week as I will not be uploading to the website whilst I am 'off''. They are there for thos who may want to complete some activities over half-term.

Happy learning everyone. laugh

Activities 1 and 2

As an introduction to quarters, please use the lessons and worksheets from White Rose which can be found via the below link under: 

Summer Term --> Week 2 (w/c 27th April) --> Lessons 2 and 3 .


The main teaching point for the children to understand is that when we are looking at quarters we are either sharing or splitting something into four equal groups or parts. 


* To supplement these lessons you may also want to consider using fruit to show the differences between a whole, half and quarter. If you have any small objects around the house you could also use these to demonstrate how to share quantities into equal groups for both halves and quarters. 

Activity 3

In order for your son/daughter to apply their new knowledge, see if they can complete the below tasks independently. The worksheets offer different levels of challenges for the children, with the 1 star task being focused on age related expectations.  

Activity 4

Now that we have learnt about different fractions you can now test your knowledge by completing any of the activities below. Can you tell your adult what we do when we half something and what we do when we split/share something in to quarters?