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Monday - Double Maths 1

For today's Maths session we are looking at Mass and Weight as part of our starter questions  and we will be looking at creating a 'Number Fact Sheet' for the number 10. The second session is focused on re-capping our Counting in 2s knowledge so that we can confidently apply it to problem solving questions. 



I have attached starters for you to print (should you wish to), a selection of tasks for your son/daughter to choose from (they range from a 1 star challenge level to 3 star), the PowerPoint we are using in class and an adapted version with guidance notes to help you to understand the thinking needed behind each question. 


3 Star Challenge 


Wednesday 16th June 

Today we will be following a very similar format to the previous lesson. There are two starters for your son/daughter to complete independently, followed by some introductory/ re-cap work on Counting in 5s. The first task after this is to complete a 'number fact sheet' on the number 25 (you can use Monday's guidance document to help you complete this should you need). Following the number fact sheet there are also specific counting in 5s tasks for your son/daughter to complete. 


If you fancy some movement breaks within you Maths lesson then please click on the link below to explore the Super Movers KS1 Maths collection.