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Today I would like you to complete the worksheet below to show what you have learnt and understood about grouping and division. You can do your flashback first to get yourself ready for maths and then complete the worksheet. There isn't a video to watch today as it relates to all the work we have been doing over the last week but you can go back and look at them in the previous pages if you need to. There is also no problem solving today as I just want to see how you get on with this. Have a go at doing it by yourself first and then ask an adult if you need any extra help. The answers are on the sheet below for you if you need to check when you have finished. 


As part of our topic on Animals including Humans Mr Sheppard would like you to look at the importance of exercise in today's lesson.

First of all watch the videos below to find out the importance of exercise.


Now read through the Power Point below for more information.

Once you have watched the video clips and Power Point have a go at the Joe Wicks fitness activity. It’s a 5 minute workout.


After you have done that Mr Sheppard would like to keep a fitness diary for the next five days and write a sentence on the diary sheet as to why it is important to exercise. The sheets are below. We will look at our fitness diaries in next week's lesson. It will also link in with the Statistics work we are going to do next week in Maths. Have fun with your exercising!


As some of us are in isolation until Monday just do as much of these forms of exercise as you can in your own house and garden. I’m going to be doing some video classes and walking around my garden.


L.F: What do the ways Jews celebrate Passover tell us about how important it is for them to do as God asks?


To begin today's lesson I would like you to think about why do Jews choose to do what God asks?


Watch the following BBC Bite size clips on the Seder meal. Part 1,2 and 3 to find out more.


BBC bitesize “the Seder meal”


Once you have watched the video clips I would like you to complete the Seder plate worksheet below filling in the meanings of each item on the plate and colour in the items.


After that why not try and make your own Seder plate and if you are able to, re-enact the meal. If you can’t find all of the items think about using something else. You can send me some pictures.

Golden Time

Don't forget Friday afternoon is Golden Time. I definitely think you have earned all of your 30 minutes with the hard work you have done this week with your Home Learning. Choose what you would now like to do; it might be play a game, do some art work, go outside, play on Scratch Jnr or another app. You have earned your Golden Time so the choice is yours.