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Everyone should complete their flashback then work through the first page of the main activity; if you feel confident you can move onto the second page of the main activity. If you want a challenge, move onto the problem solving and reasoning and try the True or False question. All of the answers are there for you to check your work once you have had a go yourselves. Remember, you can watch the video for each day as many times as you wish and use the video content to support you with the different question types. Equal groups sharing



Today I would like you to read the information below on the Spectacled Bear. Read through it carefully and then answer the comprehension questions. Remember Rex Retriever will help you with this, you are going back to the text to find the answers.

1. On which Continent do you find Spectacled Bears?


2. What is their favourite habitat?


3. Where does it sleep?


4. What does it eat?


5. How many are left in the wild?


6. What bear was the Florida Spectacled Bear larger than?




To start the lesson sing The Continents song on the link below.

"Continents and Oceans" by - YouTube


Today's Geography focus is on the continent of Asia. Use the below PDF to explore and learn about this new area of the world. 

At the end of the lesson I would like you to list your three favourite facts to bring to our first class catch up over 'Microsoft Teams' (details of this will be shared in due course).