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The Night Pirates ~ Ellie Harrison CBeebies

Monday 22nd June.

Today in double Literacy we are going to start our lesson by completing our handwriting practise of the letters 'l' and 'i'. After this we are going to look at the beginning of a story called 'The Night Pirates'. I have attached the Cbeebies bedtime story video for you to enjoy. Before you begin to listen, please tell your adult what you think the story might be about. Remember that when we make a prediction we have to make a sensible guess.


Please pause at the following points to discuss the text:

  • 00:50 - Who do you think is arriving? What do you think they are like? Why do you think this? 
  • 01:00- How would you feel if you were Tom? What type of adventure do you think he is about to go on? 
  • 01:35 - What do you think the girl pirates are like? Why do you think they need a front of a house for disguise? 
  • 01:39 - Do you think they will let Tom join the crew? Why? Why not?
  • 02:07 - Where do you think they are going? What could they do on their adventure? 
  • 02:20 - What do you think is in the "rough tough adult pirate's" chest? 
  • 02:51 - Do you think the pirates will follow Captain Patch's instructions? Or do you think they will ignore him? 
  • 04:16 - Do you think Tom will wake up and think it was a dream or do you think he really did go on an adventure? 
  • 04:31 - End of story. 


*You may want to record your answers in a book or alternatively you can just talk about your ideas with an adult. 


Wednesday 24th June.

For today's home lesson I would like you to have a look at the BBC Bitesize session on 'using verbs' or alternatively you might like to participate in today's 'National Writing Day Challenge'. Both links can be found below. smiley