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Tuesday 16th June

For the first session we will be completing our handwriting practise of the letter n and then we are going to complete a Wanted Poster for the Pirate you designed last week. Alternatively you could also create a completely new Pirate to base your poster on. 


Before completing the poster think about:

  • Whether you will draw the whole pirate in the picture box or a close up of their face
  • what crime they committed
  • how much you will give as a reward for capturing them
  • where they were last seen (e.g. an island, out at sea, on the coast)


If you would prefer to design your own wanted poster then please use the one below as a template. 


Remember to take your time to sound out your words and use your Pirate 'Word Nets' to help with specific vocabulary. 



Thursday 18th June.

Whilst we finish off our Wanted Posters in school, I thought it would be good for those of you at home to practise your understanding of the different types of sentences we use in Year One. Click on the link below to head over to the BBC Bitesize lesson called ' Types of Sentences'. If you have done this one before and do not fancy a re-cap, then please feel free to select another lesson that you would prefer to work on.


You may also want to use this lesson time to practise more of your handwriting. I have attached the link for the Year One handwriting page so that you can choose the letter you would like to focus on.