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Ask an adult or an older brother or sister to read out the spellings you have been practising this week. Mark them together and then send me your score. See if you can be a 'Star Speller'.


I would like you to begin today's lesson either reading the story of Telephone Ted below or listening to it on our Seesaw app.

After you have done that I would like you to sequence the events in the story from the beginning to the end on the sheet below. Sequencing Suki will help you with this. Think about what happened at the beginning of the story - why was Ted on his own? Who rang first? Then the middle  - who else rang? Then at the end - what happened? You can draw a picture in each box to show the sequence of events. Children in Red, Purple and Blue groups for English I would like you to write a sentence for each picture too. Look carefully to see how I have numbered each box so your sequencing flows in the correct order.

Once you have done that you can answer the comprehension questions using Rex Retriever and Inference Iggy to help you.


Everyone should complete their flashback then work through the first page of the main activity; if you feel confident you can move onto the second page of the main activity. If you want a challenge, move onto the problem solving and reasoning and try the True or False question. All of the answers are there for you to check your work once you have had a go yourselves. Remember, you can watch the video for each day as many times as you wish and use the video content to support you with the different question types.


Our topic this term in PSHE Jigsaw is Dreams and Goals. For Piece 2 I would like you to think about the goal you chose to work towards in last week's lesson. I have attached a ladder template below. I would like you to fill in the steps you need to take to achieve your goal; it could be reading through the words, poem or dance moves, it could be watching a video of someone else, it could be reading/saying them out loud and then repeating those steps and then doing it from memory. All the steps need to lead to you achieving your goal.  When you have filled in your steps to success I want you to colour in the step that you think might be the most difficult? 

Think about what Jigsaw Jo might say to encourage you to persevere  (keep going) with the most difficult step and write it into the speech bubble at the top of the sheet.


Here are the words/ instructions for the goals you have chosen. The French and Chinese numbers are written phonetically (how you need to say them) I have also put up a sheet with the correct French spelling for your information. There are a couple of video links for you to watch too.


Macarena demonstration


Counting to 10 in Chinese