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Easter Art 2 14.04.20

Easter Bonnet/Hat/Crown Design 


This week's challenge is to upcycle an old hat/bonnet or design and make a new one with... you guessed it... an Easter or Spring theme! Be as creative as you can and see if you can learn a new skill in the process. Please send pictures of your creations to the Year 1 email. laugh


If you don't fancy making a hat or bonnet (or would like a second challenge), why not follow the below steps on how to make a Spring Nature Crown:


You will need: 

  • Some form of material to wrap around your head (e.g. fabric, paper or tin-foil)
  • Glue or double sided sticky tape
  • A pencil or pen
  • A pair of scissors



  1. Take your piece of material and ask an adult to help you wrap this around your head. 
  2. With the pencil/pen ask your adult to make a mark where the material overlaps (allow extra material for securing the crown together).
  3. Take the material off your head and cut where you have made the mark. 
  4. Leave the crown as a strip so you can decorate it more easily. 
  5. Head outside to find things that you would like to stick to your crown and bring them back to where you left your strip. You may also want to create your own objects/pictures to attach.
  6. Before sticking anything down have a go at arranging your things on the strip first. 
  7. When you are happy with your arrangement you can then stick them down with your glue or double sided sticky tape. *Remember to leave some space at both ends of the strip so that you can join the crown together. 
  8. Leave your strip to dry. 
  9. When the strip is dry attach the two ends together to make a crown.