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Music Intent, Implementation and Impact document

Lilleshall School- Music     Intent, Implementation and Impact Statement (Document developed alongside TACT)



This curriculum is designed to harness the wide-ranging opportunities presented in an arts-rich school to transform the thinking, appreciation and behaviours of young people to become culturally competent citizens. By taking a highly practical approach to addressing the key skills and concepts addressed on the National Curriculum and beyond, we prepare our pupils to develop a lifelong love of the subject that they can apply to the wider community and possibly, their careers. We will provide creative opportunities for pupils to find their own voice and develop discipline and confidence through high quality rehearsal and exploration of sounds. We provide a sequence of concepts showing clear progression of skills and knowledge in Music. It provides a framework from which relevant learning experiences can be planned, to broaden the horizons and experiences of Lilleshall pupils, to enable them to recognise and take advantage of opportunities available to them.



The breadth and depth of each of the four curriculum areas is mapped out to show the expected progression through the milestones (KS1, Lower KS2, Upper KS2). Lessons are planned with reference to the relevant threshold concepts and curriculum drivers. Threshold concepts will be repeated and revisited, applied to a variety of different musical situations when addressing the breadth of the curriculum, to develop greater depth of learning.



             Assessment for learning will be used throughout the teaching of this curriculum to ensure that progress in understanding is developed from basic, advancing to deep, with reference to the threshold concepts in each subject area. Opportunities for the pupils to apply their knowledge and understanding to performance, composition and appraising activities will be provided throughout the year and successes celebrated and shared.

This will be measured through.

  • Lesson visits
  • Standards of learning from evidencing of learning.
  • Pupil voice
  • Assessment data
  • Music specific CPD.
  • Participation and success in enrichment opportunities.
  • Success in Music shared in school through performance and opportunity to show achievements e.g certificates in assemblies
  • Informal learning walks
  • Feedback and monitoring