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Below is list of the Year 3 and 4 statutory spellings. A selection of these will be tested at the end of each half-term.

A few strategies to help you learn your weekly spellings:


  • Write them out in pyramids adding one more letter each time:







  • Draw pictures to represent each spelling.
  • Make a story up including all of your spellings – underline where you have used them.
  • Write sentences for each of you spellings.
  • Find as many words as you can with the same spelling pattern.
  • Write out your spellings on one side of card and the meaning on the other. Test yourself by putting the spelling words all face down and verbally spell the word by just using the meaning. e.g.     enough   =      “When you have had as much as you need or require”               
  • Write the spelling pattern in a different colour    incredible    delicious
  • Write the syllables in different colours.          difficult
  • Use an iPad to record you spelling out the word and check whether you are right.
  • Use a computer to type out the words in different colours and fonts.
  • Make a word search with all of your spellings in.

Spelling Shed is an app which allows you to enter your weekly spellings and practise them as part of a game.