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Times Tables

Year 4 Multiplication Check


In the summer term of Year 4, your child will be taking a nationwide multiplication check. The multiplication check has been made statutory by the government and the purpose of this check is to determine whether Year 4 pupils can fluently recall their times tables up to 12x12. It will be administered online, using an IPad and children will have to answer 25 randomised questions with only 6 seconds to answer.


e.g.       8 x 9 =                          7 x 5  =                        9 x 12   =


How can I help my child?

Although I am testing times tables weekly, it is really important that your child is practising their times tables as often as possible, particularly the one they are being tested on that week. Once they are confident with all of them, we then need to work on speed to ensure they can answer the questions quickly enough in the check. As well as encouraging your child to practise their times tables electronically, you can also support them by asking regular times table questions, whether in the car, whilst cooking or just whenever you have a spare minute in your day as regular recall will really help to embed these!