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The Night Pirates ~ Ellie Harrison CBeebies

Monday 29th June.

Today we will be starting our lesson with a handwriting session on the letters 't' and 'u'. Following this we will recap the story of 'The Night Pirates' and then complete a sequencing task about the story. For those of you at home I have attached the required handwriting sheet and explanation of the second task can be found below. 


The Sequencing Task. 

To help you to remember/recap the story, please watch the above story link again. You may like to jot down some important facts as you listen which may include: 

  • Where the story takes place
  • Who the main character is
  • What happens at the start
  • What happens in the middle (is there a problem/dilemma?)
  • What happens in the end (how is the situation resolved? how is the story left?)


When you have listened to the story I would then like you to complete a comic strip or a 'story map' about the sequence of events. If you are drawing a 'story map' then you need to utilise all of your space on your page and need to ensure that you add in arrows in between each picture. With both the comic strip and the 'story map' you can also add words to help prompt your memory about a particular event. Remember to think like Sequencing Suki....

Thursday 2nd July

In today's lesson we are going to focus on using adjectives (describing words). When we have completed our bottles we are going to write a message to a member of our family or a friend to put inside it. The message will be about the place that we are sending the bottle from. To help us to think about this we are going to focus on practising our use of descriptive skills. 


Please find the lesson PDF below and the two pictures your son/daughter can choose from for the descriptive sentences. The final slide offers prompt pictures for them to use as inspiration for their own imaginary place, however, please feel free to research further pictures should you wish to find others to help aide their designs. 


They will need to draw their imaginary place on an A4 piece of paper and can add detail by colouring or painting the setting. They will then use these creations as visual prompts when writing their message. 


Additional Note:

*For those of you working at home, instead of closing your eyes you can take it in turns with your adult to describe each of the pictures in the initial part of the session. See if you can add more detail than the person who is working with you!