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Week 3 - 07.04.20

Egg-tastic Science Experiments

*Please send any pictures of your Science fun to Miss R-S via *

For a little bit of Easter related Science Miss R-S thought it would be fun to try any or all of the following 3 experiments. You have been given the method for each so the challenges below are for you to use your scientific knowledge and thinking whilst completing your chosen activity. 




  • Start to create your own scientific dictionary with any words that you have had to research / are unsure of. Write an explanation that helps you to understand and remember the word(s). 
  • Can you create a question for your investigation?
  • Think about how will you record the results? 
  • What is your prediction?
  • What are you changing in the experiment and what are you keeping the same?
  • What are you observing/measuring?
  • Is there anything you would change about the experiment if you were to do it again? 


Extension Task 

Can you create your own Easter or egg related experiment?