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Monday 12th July

Monday, 12th July. 

Double Literacy

This week in Literacy we will be creating our own diaries. However, the twist will be that we are not writing the diary as ourselves, but that we are going to pretend to be a bug/minibeast! I would like you to use today to learn the features of a diary and to complete some research on the bug/minibeast you will be writing as. Below you can find the lesson input slides from Seesaw (without the voice over) and the PDF version of 'The Big Bug Book' which you can use to help you in your research. You may also want to use the following websites to find out some more facts: 


To link in with our work on diaries this week, I thought it would be useful for you to explore the BBC Bitesize lesson about 'Dates'. Please click on the link below to be taken the relevant learning page. 


In our fourth Jigsaw lesson we are continuing to look at how we change over time. In today's session I would like you to reflect on the work that we have already covered and to participate in a discussion with your family about how you have changed since you were a baby.

The printable resources can be found below and the lesson input is available on Seesaw. I hope you have lots fun completing today's activities. 😀

Additional Sessions 

In Seesaw I have shared an extra PE and Art lesson for those of you who would like to complete additional learning sessions today.