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Lilleshall Primary School

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Week Seven

Sophia has had a busy week doing maths worksheets, crosswords and finding out about African animals. She also celebrated her birthday and constructed her first Lego project.

William has had a busy week writing stories, data collecting in maths, writing instructions, researching Mary Anning and cycling to Newport.

Violet-Lilly has had a busy week learning about The Sahara Desert, conducting science investigations on friction and finding out about Mary Anning and VE Day in history.

Erin has had a busy week writing a story with her sister, looking at the life cycle of a dandelion, doing maths work and looking at the story of The Good Samaritan.

Ameera has had a busy week being a weather presenter, practising her tables and spellings, reading, looking at the parts of a plant and doing lots of activities about VE Day.

Joshua has been busy baking, building a lighthouse, labelling countries of the World and creating a beach scene.

Flynn has had another busy week creating a scrapbook, doing music, maths, reading, scinece and geography, writing postcards and doing history activities for VE Day.