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In maths today I would like you to watch the video below on doing multiplication using the x sign. You can then complete the worksheet below. I have put the answer sheet on too so you can go through your work with your parents.

In Science today I would like you to complete the mind map below on what you know about animals. Think of work you have already done in Reception Class and Year 1. Don't worry about not knowing too much as we will be doing lots of work on this topic throughout the term.

In Geography I would like you to revise your knowledge of the Seven Continents and Five Oceans in preparation for work we are going to be doing on Bears around the World. I have put the link for the Continents song below and a worksheet for you to label.


"Continents and Oceans" by - YouTube

Movement Break

In keeping with our animal themed movement breaks this week, please have a go at the activity below.