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Here are the spellings to practise for next week. You can do your spelling test on Tuesday next week at home as you would do in school, send me your spellings and your score and I will put it in the mark book.

The sheets are below, choose the amount you would normally do in school.



Today I would like you to recap on the story of Telephone Ted from yesterday.

Look carefully at the pictures below of two of the characters in the story - Grandma and the Mechanic. I would like you to think of words to go with each picture and write them around it. Think back to the work we did last week on nouns, adjectives and verbs. Follow the link below if you need a reminder of each word class.


When you have written your words around the picture I would like you to write sentences underneath to create a character profile for each one. I have done an example with mum from the story below. Look at this so you know what to do. Remember to use the correct punctuation and include conjunctions. Yellow and Green groups I would like you to choose to do one of the characters.


Everyone should complete their flashback then work through the first page of the main activity; if you feel confident you can move onto the second page of the main activity. If you want a challenge, move onto the problem solving and reasoning and try the True or False question. All of the answers are there for you to check your work once you have had a go yourselves. Remember, you can watch the video for each day as many times as you wish and use the video content to support you with the different question types.



For P.E today I would like you to spend some time, if you can,  outside in your garden running around, skipping, doing star jumps or bouncing on a trampoline if you have one. I know we are limited to staying at home this week so I have put some links below for you to do some P.E indoors.


PH Sports Virtual PE Lessons - Balancing - Key Stage 1



5 Minute Move | Kids Workout 1 | The Body Coach TV