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Week 6 - 28.04.20

Comprehension, Grammar and Punctuation Challenges.


This week Miss R-S would like you to 'make your learning fly' by completing some challenges that focus on your comprehension, grammar and punctuation skills. Remember to take your time and to try to be as independent and determined as you can. laugh


These activities can be done in any order, so pick and choose the ones you would like to complete. 

Activity 1

As soon as we start writing in school we learn that it is really important to use capital letters and full stops in sentences. Use the below lesson from BBC Bitesize to see if you can remember how to write "Super Sentences". 

If you have already done this lesson, have a go at the alternative challenge from Twinkl. 

Activity 2

Can you remember what question marks are for? Did you spot one in the first sentence? 

Question marks are used at the end of a written question. Just like a full stop goes at the end of a sentence, a question mark goes at the end of your question. Have a look at the BBC Bitesize video on 'How to use question marks' and have a go at completing the activities below. 

Activity 3

As part of the Year 1 curriculum the children need to learn about prefixes and suffixes.


A prefix is part of a word that adds to or alters the meaning of a base word and comes before the base word e.g. supermarket. The word market would have been the base word and super is the prefix. 


A suffix is part of a word that comes after a base word and therefore makes a new word e.g. help can be turned into helping by adding the suffix -ing. 


This week I would like Year 1 to focus on using the prefix un-. Please have a look at the first video in the BBC link below so that the children can visually see how prefixes work. Then please share the provided PowerPoint, followed by the activity. 

Activity 4

For the following activity you will need to find a book that you would like to share with an adult.

It can either be one you would like to be read to you or one that you read yourself. Before starting the challenge please read the story with an adult and discuss the main points of the text.