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Lilleshall Primary School

Working Together for Excellence and Enjoyment

Equality Statement

Ensuring Equality

Fairness in policy making

We are:

  • We consider fairness and equality when developing our policies and making decisions regarding the direction of the school
  • Involved in effective practice in promoting equality, and engaging with communities in effective ways


Working with organisations and networks

  • We are working with partners in the equality and diversity sector such as the DfE
  • We work with local networks to promote diversity and equality within our local area, such as the Newport Cluster
  • We work with local agencies to support mental health and therefore promote equality for those with mental health matters



  • Recruitment guidelines are followed to ensure equality is effective and appropriate


Lilleshall Primary School

Equality Statement 2021-2022

Our school equality objective links with our school ethos and aims. Every pupil is included in the target. Lilleshall Primary School aims to ensure all pupils reach their full potential.

Our equality objectives are to:

Set clear rules in regard to how people should be treated developing respect and tolerance.

• Challenge negative attitudes through 'Making Our Learning Fly'.

• Treat all staff and students fairly and equally.

Continuously work to create an all-inclusive culture for staff and pupils.

Avoid and challenge stereotypes in attitudes, examples and resources.

Ensure equal access to opportunities to enable pupils to fully participate in the learning process, through differentiation and   resources to support learning.