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Week 7 - 05.05.20

Understanding Money


Year 1 pupils are expected to be able to “recognise and know the value of different denominations of coins and notes” by the end of the year.

We introduce this Maths topic by asking the children if they know the names of any of the coins/notes and then spend a bit of time becoming familiar with the shapes, sizes and colours of the different coins.

When the pupils have gained a secure understanding of the different ways of representing money, we then spend a couple of lessons on what each coin represents in terms of value and how we can use a selection of different coins to make the same amount in various ways. We also discuss why money is important and what we use it for.  

Activity 1

Use the 'Coin Reveal' PowerPoint to see whether your son/daughter already recognises some properties of the different coins/notes. Can they guess the coin before all the squares are shown? After this you may want to find physical coins and note for them to look at. You can then ask them to put the coins in size order and discuss the different sizes, shapes and colours. 


*If you do not have all the different coins at home, an alternative would be to print the 'Life-size coin cut outs'. 

Activity 2

Before watching the below video on the UK coins, please ensure that your son/daughter understands the signs we use for pence and pounds. After you have watched the video see if they can independently complete some of the following matching activities. I have provided online and printable resources, so please select which ones you would prefer to use. smiley

UK Coins Explained for Kids - Maths Money Learning Video

Activity 3

To start this activity please watch the video on UK notes. Whilst watching the video can you prompt your son/daughter to see any links to counting in 5s and 10s. How might this be useful when using notes? Can they tell you how many £1 coins they would need for each note?


Following this video it would be good for your son/daughter to start looking at how to count / add together different combinations of coins. Please have a look at the selection of resources below which you can either complete with the use of real coins/cut-out coins or by using the visuals on the sheets. 


UK Notes Explained for Kids - Maths Money Learning Video

Activity 4

It would also be great if you could start looking at how to use different coin combinations for the same amount with your son/daughter. I have attached some worksheets that they can have a go at. You may also find that you can ask them to practise this skill when they are playing or when we can all go shopping together again. 


* When using the 2p, 5p and 10p coins please prompt them to think about how they can use their counting skills to workout combinations more quickly.