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Discovery Espresso

Discovery Espresso 

By clicking on the above link you should be able to access the Discovery Education Espresso Phonics Page.


Here you can find 6 Phonics zones which cover all of the Phonics phases. In Year 1 I would recommend starting with Polly's Phonics for a brief re-cap and then moving on to Ash's Phonics through to Sal's Phonics.  


Clicking on a zone will then take you to a new page which contains a selection of the 'phase sounds'. Each sound has a video that you can watch with your son/daughter and a selection of activities (which are related to the sound you are learning) can be found on the right-hand side of the screen. 


I would recommend using these resources as a supplementary element to the daily lessons provided by the Department of Education or if you notice that your son/daughter needs to re-cap any specific sounds from their reading. 


To access this resource you will need to log-in using the details provided on the 'Year 1 and 2 Home Learning Pack'.