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Ask an adult or an older brother or sister to read out the spellings you have been practising this week. Mark them together and then send me your score. See if you can be a 'Star Speller'.


Everyone should complete their flashback then work through the first page of the main activity; if you feel confident you can move onto the second page of the main activity. If you want a challenge, move onto the problem solving and reasoning and try the True or False question. All of the answers are there for you to check your work once you have had a go yourselves. Remember, you can watch the video for each day as many times as you wish and use the video content to support you with the different question types.


In English today I would like you to identify and sort nouns, adjectives and verbs. For a reminder of what each word type is watch Braydon and Moonbeam or BBC Bitesize on the links below.

After you have watched the videos I would like you to choose one of the Bears below; either the Polar Bear or the Sun Bear. Read the text and look for the nouns, adjectives and verbs. When you have read through and found the words record them on the worksheet below, one of each word type has been done for you. If you want an extra challenge you can sort the words on both bears. After you have done that you can then choose some of the words you have sorted and write them in sentences. Don’t forget your punctuation! You can then send your work to me and I will comment on it.

Polar Bear

Sun Bear


Our topic this term in PSHE is Dreams and Goals. For Piece 1 I would like you to think of things you have achieved and how that made you feel and to then choose a realistic goal and think about how to achieve it.


Look at slides 1-4 below. Do you see success in the pictures? Why/Why not? If yes how do you think the people in the picture feel about their success?


Complete the treasure chest below filling in each section explaining your success and the feelings they envoked that you would like to store inside the chest like treasure.
When you have completed your treasure chest I would like you think of a realistic goal or challenge you would like to achieve over the coming weeks. Remember realistic means if we choose challenges that are too easy, they aren't really a challenge. If we choose something difficult it might take a long time to achieve or it might be too difficult for us. The slide below lists the goals/challenges you need to choose from and I will be putting resources up in next week's lesson to support you doing this.