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Tuesday 7th July.

To start your double Literacy lesson for today, please look at the handwriting practise sheets for the letters 'v' and 'w'. Following this I would like you to look at the setting that you created last week in Literacy (if you need to refresh your memory of this lesson then please click on the link below). Looking at your picture I would like you to complete the following planning grid (which I have adapted from Twinkl): 


As previously mentioned we will be writing a message about the place we are sending our 'message in a bottle' from and therefore we really need to think carefully about this imaginary place before we can start writing our setting description in full.


When you fill in the 'My setting is' section,  think about the location e.g. My setting is: an island surrounded by a purple sea or a boat stuck out in the middle of the ocean. 


Use your senses to complete the other boxes. For example if I was writing about an island surrounded by a purple sea I might put the following words in: 

  • Sounds - waves, tropical birds, wind, rocks
  • Smells - salt, coconuts, sun cream, fresh fruit, fish
  • Sights -  calm sea, palm trees, wooden boats, coconuts, shells, beach, sand, fire pit
  • Touch - warm water, toasty sand, tickling breeze


*If you can't fit all of your words in to the boxes then you could either print a second sheet or you can continue to bullet point ideas on a separate, lined page. 

Before you fill in your 'WOW Adjectives' box I would like you to look at the following lesson from BBC Bitesize:


After you have recapped your understanding of adjectives, you will then be ready to think of some 'WOW words' for the adjectives box. 

Next lesson we shall be writing a draft of our message so that we can then copy it up neatly on to our 'weathered page'. 

Thursday 9th July

Today we are going to write our draft for our 'message in a bottle'. Before you start writing I would like you to decide whether you are going to create your own 'weathered looking' paper or if you will use the Twinkl template (both documents can be found below).

*If you are making your own sheets of paper, then please follow the instructions in the provided PowerPoint. This will then allow enough time for the paper to dry before you write your final version of your message on to it. 


Writing your draft

For this lesson you need to make sure that you have your setting picture and setting planning document in front of you as these should hopefully help you to write your message.


To start, you need to decide who you will be sending your message to. As this is not a letter you do not need to write an address, but you do need to start with 'Dear' or 'To'. You can begin your message with one of the following options: 


Dear Mum and Dad,


To the Person who finds this message, 


or to a friend or family member of your choice.


After this I would then like you to read through the attached example message with an adult. Discuss the senses that the writer has used and see if you can spot any adjectives. Following this you can then start to write your own message draft. Remember to say each sentence before you start writing so that you can think about the words you need to sound out. Also, think about pausing after each sentence to read back through your work to look for any  'Marvellous Mistakes'. To sign off your message please think of your very own Piratey name! laugh


Remember that the aim of this message is to describe the place that you are sending the 'message in a bottle' from to a friend or family member, so you will need to use your best describing words and your senses to explain what it is like. 


Make sure you allow yourself regular movement breaks too.... this is a particular favourite in class at the moment....